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Did you know? Eli Lilly employees can rollover all or a portion of their 401k vested savings into an individual account tax free, while still contributing to a 401k?

What is an individual account and why would you want to rollover your 401k?


An Individual Account gives you the flexibility and the control to place retirement earnings into a plan that will increase your returns while, at the same time, protecting from losses.

As an Eli Lilly employee, your pension grows at a fixed rate. Relying on a fixed rate to grow your savings becomes a futile and unsuccessful effort due to the impacts of inflation.


As time progresses, for example over a 20-year period, the value of a dollar decreases and the costs of things go up. When it's time to collect your savings at retirement, the original plan set into motion at year one did not account for how much things cost at retirement age.

Unfortunately, for many of our clients, we've seen this fixed rate strategy, that doesn't account for inflation, fail time and time again.


That's where we come in.


Our strategy allows for steady increased growth of your retirement earnings, while protecting it at the same time. By taking advantage of this unique opportunity to rollover your 401k, you now have the freedom to accomplish your financial goals, without worry that your retirement savings will run out.

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