Casey A. Marx, RICP©

Founder - Crown Haven Wealth Advisors

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Founder + President

"One of America's Financial Leaders" -Forbes

Founder of Smart Money Radio

Host of Marx Money Podcast

Registered Member, National Ethics Association

Certified Educator, Society of Financial Awareness

TOP Advisor 2011-2020

Expert Contributor,

Yale School of Business, Macro-Economics

Central Washington University, Business

American College, RICP

Author, Baby Boomers Retirement Bootcamp

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A Note from Our President

Crown Haven takes great pride in providing retirement income planning solutions that people can count on to be there when they need the money the most.


Our retirement income planning services integrate all aspects of our client’s financial picture in a coordinated effort to provide for financial security, guaranteed and predictable income and multi- generational wealth transfer.


Without you, there is no us. At Crown Haven, we understand that our clients are people first. People with hopes, dreams, aspirations, fears, and doubts. We understand that each of our clients is unique, and each client deserves a unique approach.


We at Crown Haven believe you deserve more than an advisor’s best guess at what the market may or may not do. You deserve a firm that can guarantee your future, and protect that future for generations to come.

We believe you deserve more than to have your savings eaten away by hidden fees and sales commissions. You deserve an advisor that doesn’t build their retirement savings by taking from yours.


We believe you deserve more than the chance of losing everything due to matters that are completely out of your control. You deserve a competitive return on your money, without the fear of losing it.


You deserve to sleep well at night knowing that your money is safe, and growing, for a future you can truly rely on.


After all, your personal finances aren’t just personal, they’re your life.

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-Casey A. Marx
President, Crown Haven