• Casey Marx

Would You Risk Your Retirement Savings on a Gamble?

Getting ready for retirement? Entrusting your money management to an advisor is just as important, if not more, as how much you actually have in your account.

Like to gamble? Save it for Hoosier Park.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans with an individual IRA, managed brokerage account, mutual fund portfolio, variable annuity, 401k plan, 403b plan, or any other risk-based investment, then you are paying somebody to gamble with your future.

Market Risk:

Make no mistake, the stock market, bond market, commodities market, and anything else that involves the volatility of open market trading, involves the very same risk and gamble—-as a Vegas table game.

Most advisors would have you believe that you’re “in this together”. But let’s look at how advisors are incentivized. The average fee-based advisor is charging at least 1% on your total assets under management or AUM. That means that if you have $100,000.00 at risk underneath their management, they are making at a minimum, $1,000.00 annually for “managing” your risk. However, you and I both know that $1,000.00 a year is not enough to live on—-so the advisor’s real goal is to go out and find 200 other folks just like you. That way, the advisor is making a cool 200k a year. Not bad at all.

Now let’s say you take a 10% loss to your account value of 100k. You just lost 10 grand. Your advisor’s compensation however, reduced from 1 thousand dollars a year to $900.00 a year. This is not exactly an earth-shattering loss to your advisor, and not exactly proportional to your loss in my humble opinion.

Crown Haven knows of a better way.

We are a firm that believes in firmly grasping what we can control: the risk we take, and the fees we pay.

This is why our President was Featured in Forbes as one of America’s Financial Leaders. It is why we host a radio show on Indiana’s #1 News Network, WIBC.

We believe in our safe money method that guarantees safety, eliminates management fees, allows for safe annual compounding growth, and guarantees income for the rest of your life, preserving your legacy for your family.

Protect and grow your money in any climate. Our clients have never lost a dime, and receive competitive rates of return without ever paying a fee, or ever experiencing loss.

As our clients will tell you, smiles on their faces: “It’s much more fun to bet on the ponies."

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