What We Do

We focus on your goals to guide you toward your ideal retirement.


Success in retirement requires a multi-faceted approach. 

That’s why in 2011, Crown Haven was founded to provide comprehensive guidance for the many needs retirees and pre-retirees face; offering independent and fiduciary planning to give you the confidence you need to step into the next act of your life

This process begins with examining the purpose of our money and asking the question:


“What do I need my money to do for me?”

Secure Income? GrowthLong Term Healthcare Planning? Tax-Advantaged Legacy?

"The Right Tool for the Right Job"

Once we know what our target is, it all comes down to using the proper tool to achieve the proper result. We don't "Love" or "Hate" any specific financial or insurance instrument - what matters most is whether or not each part of your portfolio is serving a purpose so that the parts make up an effective WHOLE.

The Value of an Independent & Fiduciary Firm

By remaining independent, Crown Haven is able to use the entire spectrum of the financial and insurance market, to provide a completely custom-tailored plan


As a fiduciary firm, Crown Haven is legally obligated to act in our clients’ best interests, and we approach this with the mindset of:

We put ourselves in your shoes and leverage our knowledge as if your money were our money, and then go about designing the perfect plan so it remains reliable for life.

Crown Haven's Focus

Ultimately, this requires us to understand each client on a very personal level, and this is also why we call our first visit a “relationship visit” - it is our goal to understand what matters to you, so that we can focus on the things we have control over to achieve your desired result.